The AFEX and Food & Drinks Asia 2014 Experience

Welcome to Food and Drinks Asia 2014

In celebration of its 18 years of international food franchising and exposition, Food and Drinks Asia 2014, the ultimate festival for food enthusiasts and entrepreneurs continues this year! In addition, lots of trade show visitors enjoyed new found food products, free tasting and some merchandise that you can buy for less price.

Here are some photos we captured during the FDA and AFEX 2014 event: 

Food and Drinks Asia 2014       

The much-awaited Food and Drinks Asia and Food Franchising Asia happened last September 4-7, 2014 in World Trade Center. In one roof, you'll find the widest showcase display of food products and beverages. For budding food entrepreneurs, you can ask some business ideas and solutions that fits to your budget.
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KSK Exhibit Booth
Design and Fabrication by Benew Designs 
Boy Bawang Shelf

Siksik Sarap product

Negosyong Bayan Exhibit Booth

Free Taste Drinks

AFEX 2014

This year's Asia Food Expo (AFEX) took place last September 10-13, 2014, which is also held in World Trade Center Metro Manila. In this event, the goal is to showcase the best processing equipments, packaging and handling machineries of the food and beverage industry. The main target audience of this event are the investors and entrepreneurs who are interested to know and try a F&B business.  

AFEX 2014

Formway Exhibit Booth

Meat slicer
Meat Slicer in Formway Trading and Services Booth

Food Machine Processor
One of the companies that participated this year's AFEX is PFESCORP. They are a long-time trusted supplier of top-notch kitchen, hotel, bakery, restaurant and catering equipment.

Pfescorp Exhibit Stand

Eurocave products

One example is this ice cream display case, which you can usually see in malls and supermarkets.

Mokkilato Gelato

 Close up picture of Mokkilato Gelato Ice Creams
delicious Gelato Ice Cream only for 50 pesos
Models of Miguelito's Exhibit Booth

Free taste by Miguelito's Food Service
Master Slicer Bread Machine

Indofine Exhibit Stand

Liebherr Trade Show Display

Jismar Equipment Trading Service

Target Display Co. Exhibit Booth

Elixir Exhibit Stand

J-Channel Exhibit Booth

Biscuits for free taste

Chinese biscuits

GTC Models

Blizzard Exhibit Booth

Elgie Exhibit Booth

Alatone Plastics Trade Show Display

Intercoastal Creativity and Design

Bosch Food Machine

Asia Integrated Machine Trade Show Display