The WOFEX 2014 Experience

The biggest food expo event of the year opens with a bang!
In two venues, the World Food Expo 2014 is like a blockbuster movie participated and enjoyed by thousands of Filipino and even foreign visitors. No wonder because the main attraction is  all about food!

WOFEX at SMX Convention Center     

Dubbed as the WOFEX Marketplace, the SMX Convention Center served as a real busy market place for both expo visitors and exhibitors, which is a perfect opportunity to introduce and promote your products. Here I found some new brands, for example on beverages industry, making their first impression to the Philippine market. One example is the Mocafe, which is a leading house coffee brand from USA. Their booth is set like a convenience store, which perfectly fits to market their healthy organic juice quenchers along with their coffee goodies.

Mocafe Exhibit Booth

For tea lovers who want to try something new, one example is Dilmah Single Origin Tea, which offers different funky flavoured black teas.
Dilmah Tea Expo Booth
(Sophisticated exhibit booth of Dilmah Origin Single Tea
by Benew Designs Inc.)  
Dilmah Tea Trade Show Booth Displays

Shelve of Dilmah Tea Trade Show Booth Displays

But there's also already known brands like Torani – popular for their high-class syrups and sauces.

Mauro's Exhibit Booth

Of course, the popular and favorite Filipino snacks like Boy Bawang by KSK Food Products, along with their products also participated to this big food show event.

KSK Food Products Exhibit Display

Federated Distributors Inc. Trade Show Display

Moreover, visitors also enjoy some demos of state-of-the-art culinary appliances food processors and juicers. 

Breville Philippines Trade Show Displays

There are exclusive free taste from some participating exhibit booths, which the visitors truly enjoy! 

Ligo Brands Free Taste
Ligo introduces their new Pringles-like snack along with their own version of ham in can. 

Don's Original Spanish Churros Booth

Master Siomai Exhibit Stand

Potato Corner Exhibit Stand

Torch Catering Exhibit Booth

For those who wants to learn some new techniques on cooking, there's also a free seminar by WOFEX organizers.

WOFEX 2014 Free Seminar

2014 Philippine Culinary Cup 

2014 Philippine Culinary Cup Welcome Stand

While many are busy on the WOFEX Marketplace, the 2014 Philippine Culinary Cup is also happening on one side of the SMX Convention Center. Here, you'll find more students from different culinary schools, watching and enjoying the three different types of culinary competitions.  
2014 Philippine Culinary Cup Barista Challenge
2014 Philippine Culinary Cup Barista Challenge 
2014 Philippine Culinary Cup Savory Team Challenge
2014 Philippine Culinary Cup Savory Team Challenge
2014 Philippine Culinary Cup Pastry Challenge
2014 Philippine Culinary Cup Pastry Challenge 
2014 Philippine Culinary Cup Savory Challenge (Solo)

For budding cake decorators and admirers, there's a great line-up of sample cakes that you can't miss to take some pictures. 

Display Cakes (left side)

Display Cakes (right side)

WOFEX 2014 at World Trade Center 

From SMX, there's a free van ride if you also want to witness the WOFEX Trade in World Trade Center. Here, some amazing trade show displays welcome you. No wonder because the main focus of the event here is to attract the industry buyers.      

Allegro Beverage Trade Show Display

Alatone Plastics Inc. Trade Show Display

Technolux Trade Show Booth

KLG Foodservice Trade Show Display

La Marzocco Espresso Machines Trade Show Booth

Conlins Exhibit Booth

Emborg Trade Show Display

Boyds Trade Show Display

Lastly in WOFEX Trade, you'll have the opportunity to try some delicious Korean food at the Korean Pavillion. 

Korean Food Exhibit Stands

Food Berry Exhibit Stand
Food Berry
And take pictures with these two beautiful Koreans in their traditional dress.