AFEX and Food & Drinks Asia 2015: Two Exciting Expos for Food and Beverage Industry

AFEX 2015

Two of the biggest food shows in Asia happened this month. Recently last September 9-12 is the Asia Food Expo 2015 marking their 24th year! 

AFEX 2015 is participated by food producers and processors, entrepreneurs and consumers. This much-awaited event bring the latest innovation and technology in food processing and manufacturing.

This big food expo even incorporated three international expositions, namely: 
  • 16th FoodServ Asia 
  • 6th Bakery Asia 
  • 5th Grocery Asia 
Check out some of the stills we captured during the event: 

Eppofil Exhibit Booth

EPPOFIL Floor Specialist showcased their variety of floor textures under a cleanly designed exhibit stand painted in blue. They commissioned Swedish Designs for the exhibit design and fabrication their booth.  

Formway Philippines, a global leader in manufacturing industry showcased some of their machine products that are used on preparing raw materials, pre-mixing, hot and cold processing.

Formway Exhibit Stand
Exhibit design and fabrication by Swedish Designs 
BluCoffee Exhibit Booth

Both participated FDA and AFEX 2015, Blu Coffee Distributors took advantage these two food expos to promote their high-end coffee machines and coffee beans imported from Italy. BCD also commissioned Swedish Designs for the design and fabrication of their trade show display.

High-End Coffee Machine

Da Vinci beverage products

Hefei Zhongchen Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd., a key enterprise in Chinese liquid filling equipment industry, also participated this year's AFEX in the country.

Heifei Zhongchen Exhibit Booth
Exhibit Design and Fabrication by Benew Designs
KLG Foodservice Tradeshow Display

Wilmax Dinnerware

Vesmach Baking Mchine

APASI Tradeshow Display

Fruit and Vegetable Shakes

Steam cakes for sale

China Pavilion

India Pavilion

Before AFEX 2015, last September 3-6 took place the Food & Drinks Asia 2015 also at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. In this food event, guests are able to see new local food products.

David's Tea House opened their mini store inside WTC for wholesale of their affordable frozen dimsum products such as Siomai and Siopao.

You can also buy the products of the Vigan inside their booth filled with theri proud local food specialty.

Here's something new, a chicharon not made of pork but with two healthy alternatives - mushroom and seaweed!

A new energy has also introduced to the public - Python Energy Drink.

Aside from local food products, guests are also able to buy merchandise from participating neighbor Asian countries.

Lastly, one of the activities we caught is the Ultimate Flair Challenge.

Congratulations to LNA Management Group Corp. for successfully organizing these two food expos!