Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society Annual Convention 2014

Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society Annual Convention 2014

It's a red-letter day for the members of the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society as the 2014 POGS Annual Convention kicks-off last November 11 in the Philippine International Convention Center. This 4-day medical convention is themed "Women’s Health: What’s Best? Current Trends and Recommendations.” Some of the covered topics are about recurrent pregnancy loss, Preeclampsia and Endometriosis. As expected, more or less thousands of delegates attended and enjoyed this much-awaited expo event in the medical industry. 
Contrary inside the convention, you'll witness the fun and lighter side of the usually serious practitioners obstetricians and gynecologists. They had fun on taking advantage to get lots of freebies, such as throw pillow, complimentary products, mugs and taking pictures in photo booths, provided by the participating medical and health companies. It's also a great opportunity to find and buy good operating tools and merchandise in reasonable prices.

Below are some of the photos of the colorful trade show booths and stills during the 2014 POGS Annual Convention: 
Terramedic Exhibit Booth
Exhibit Booth Designed and Fabricated by Benew Designs 
Menarini Trade Show Display

Women First Abbott Exhibit Stand

Naturalle Exhibit Booth

Bayer Exhibit Booth

Bayer Exhibit Booth

Sangobion Prenatal FA Trade Show Display

Calcebone Exhibit Stand

POGS Annual Convention 2014 booth

Ferring Trade Show Booth

Corbridge Exhibit Stand

Sanofi Exhibit Stand

Naflora Exhibit Booth

Anmum Exhibit Stand

BioFemme Exhibit Stand

Folares Trade Show Display

Absolute Exhibit Booth

Absolute Distilled Water exhibitors

DKT Health Exhibit Stand

Blue Cross Exhibit Booth

Spectrumed Trade Show Booth

Clanza S Exhibit Booth

Clear A Scar Photo Booth

Dulcolax Exhibit Booth