10 Key Elements of Successful Event Planning

This is a guest contribution from writer Boom Rizal.

Any type of event, whether it’s a business conference or a family gathering, require an event planner who will handle most, if not everything, that should be organized and coordinated to make sure that the event is successful. Event planners manage every single detail—from invitations and food to the location and theme of the event. Of all the things that could go wrong, such as delays in food preparation, missing materials or venue cancellation, perhaps the worst that can happen would probably be losing the event planner and not being able to find a suitable replacement in time.

Upcoming Manila Events in July 2016

Upcoming Manila Events in July 2016

It's the seventh month of the year and we're still have great line-up of upcoming events, expos and trade shows in the metro this July 2016, check them out:

Relax And Have A Party: 10 Ideas For Millennials

This is a guest contribution from writer Boom Rizal.

A huge population of Filipino millennials lives in Metro Manila where traffic is horrendous, public places are always crowded, and the entire capital region turns into a furnace in daytime. Going to work is a struggle for young professionals, most of whom are just trying to survive.

If you’re a millennial battling the daily hardships of city living, we salute you. You deserve all the comforts you can afford. Take a breather. Create a no-stress zone at home. Throw a party once in awhile.

Yes, dedicated taxpayer. Let down your hair and have fun with peers. With a little creativity, you can organize a hip event without breaking the bank (or your back). Here are unique tips on how to organize parties for millennials.